SKILLS Level design pre-production and layout
3D modeling
UDK (Kismet, Matinee, Cascade)
Lighting and Materials in UDK


Unreal 3 Editor
3DS Max
World Machine


2010 - Present Hi-Rez Studios (Level Designer/3D Artist)
- Creating 3D assets for SMITE and an unannounced title.
- Block out and iterate on levels for Tribes: Ascend.
- Block out and setdress the level for SMITE and work with the AI programmer to implement Navmesh features for the bot pathing.
- Plan and block out level designs for PvE and PvP gametypes for Global Agenda.
- Set up kismet and matinee sequences for objectives in multiplayer matches.
- Set pathnodes and spawns for enemy AI in the PvE gametype.
- Set up lighting and post processing for my levels.

2009 Kiztoys Texturing Internship
- Performed UV map efficiency checks for all models that were to be textured and put into the engine and UV mapped any non UV mapped assets
- Painted Characters using BodyPaint 3D for an unannounced title

2009 Electronic Arts, Professional Production Practices
-Created Art Assets for possible use in game.
-Utilized professional workflow and practices.

EDUCATION 2009 Savannah College of Art and Design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Design & Game Development

2009 Winner, “Talus”, Entelechy 2009, Environment and Level Design category, Savannah College of Art and Design

2009 "Talus", Best FPS Mod Phase 3 Honorable Mention, Make Something Unreal Contest

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